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Wood Pellet BinWood Pellet Bin:


The JFC Wood Pellet bin is waterproof and condensation free, making it the ideal solution for storing wood pellets externally. The JFC Wood Pellet Bin includes:


Wood Pellet Bin Service Box Suitable for 45 Degree auger and
Wood Pellet Bin vacuum discharge systems.
Wood Pellet Bin Manual Discharge for bucket filling. Fitted as
Wood Pellet Bin standard.
Wood Pellet Bin Bin comes pre-assembled (All Components JFC Wood Pellet BinJFC Wood Pellet BinJFC Wood Pellet BinWood Pellet Bin Wood Pellet Bin included)
Wood Pellet Bin Sight glass

Wood Pellet Bin Refill Order Level Plate

  Dimensions: Ø2.05m x H2.7m
3.3 Tonne
5 Cubic Meters

  JFC Wood Pellet Bin  

Wood Pellet bin

  Wood Pellet Bin  


JFC recommends that the bin sits on a level concrete base at ground level 2.5m x 2.5m with no less than 100mm of 30N concrete. The Bin is to be secured to base using 4 x anchor points which also earths the bin preventing static build up.

Wood Pellet Bin
  Manual Feed

JFC Wood Pellt Bin

Augur Feed

Wood Pellet Bin


Wood Pellet BinAccessories

Wood Pellet BinAccessories available on request include Cam Lock Assembly, Filter Sock, and Outlet boxes complete withWood Pellet BinWood Pellet Binslide valves.

  Wood Pellet Bin Wood Pellet Bin   Wood Pellet Bin  

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  JFC Wood Pellet Bin Information Notice:    
JFC Wood pellet bin being used with Vacuum System